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Dastan means story. His goal is always to take you on a curated journey of quality sound and to lose you in the music. Dastan has been a resident DJ in Washington, D.C. for the last four years, championing seminal nightclubs like Flash, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and in the underground circuit. For the last two years’ he’s been the Global Journey DJ for Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. In his first years as a DJ he took his performance and practice seriously, playing four to five hour sets weekly in DC, and building his style into something truly unique. . Dastan has been called upon to support some of his own heroes, including Audiofly, Behrouz, Viken Armen, Holmar, Jake the Rapper, Madota, & Gorje Hewick & Izhevski. Always finding himself on the darker side of deep house/techno his sets dance to a strong middle eastern and tribal flair. 


Outside of the DJ performances, Dastan has worked to bring together to music community everywhere he touches. He’s currently curating a live video stream monthly show in D.C., active on two radio shows, and puts out seasonal mixes to help give back constant music to those who can’t attend the live performances.


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